Thursday, June 18, 2009

Faith of Our Fathers: James Pomeroy

At age 33, I have learned through countless Bible studies that the way one relates to and perceives God is strongly based on the perception of one's earthly father. My father raised 2 kids of his own & then adopted my brother & me well after they were grown. And he did it without a wife. She passed away just after we moved in with them when I was in grade school. But he persevered alone & he did an awesome job of demonstrating God's love, patience, discipline & understanding to my brother & me. We were brought up in the church, learned to respect others, value an education & think for ourselves. We are still close today & our mild-tempered, playful personalities are sometimes admired by others. But I know that had less to do with us in our own strength & more in how God used this man to bring us up, this man who did not have to! And I know that my ability to have a healthy relationship with my heavenly father today is because I was adopted into the Pomeroy family before I was adopted into the family of God. Now well into his 70's, he is still there for us whenever we need him, he is at his grandchildren's ballgames & events, and he still runs his own business! He is my inspiration & I thank God for him.

Faith of Our Fathers: Bubba Sapp

I am only 1 year old, but my daddy\'s faith will show me I can trust God no matter the circumstances and know nothing is impossible with God. His faith will show me how a husband is supposed to love his wife so I will have a great example. - Addisyn Sapp

Faith of Our Fathers: Jon Anderson

My dad has been a great Christian example. He helped start a church, has been on numerous missionary trips, and has always spent time on his knees and in the Word daily. He is a constant witness and he shows God's love to others. I know he loves me, and I love him too. - Jon & Carla Anderson

Faith of Our Fathers: Mike Grimes

My dad has been an amazing Christian example to me, my brother and many others. He stuck by my mom when, as a young married couple, they were hit by a drunk driver leaving my mom with multiple fractures and third degree burns over most of her body. After being released from an extended hospital stay himself, he got a job at the hospital where she was in the burn unit for six months to be near her. They lost their first child and mom's mother in the wreck and were told they may never have more children, but he remained faithful to her and our Lord and Savior through it all. Dad is a living example of loving his wife as Christ loved the church. I saw him in the word every morning and we prayed together as a family every day before we left the house. He was, and still is, a great dad and grandfather. - Tracy Boyer

Faith of Our Fathers: Jeremy May

My Dad loves us and gives us hugs and kisses. He works hard so we can have our house. - Isaac & Gwen

Faith of Our Fathers: Richard Lipscomb

My dad raised four girls. He was definitely out numbered in our house. He was and still is the youth Sunday school teacher. We were taught to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to always be involved in church. Now, he's grandpa to three beautiful babies, and he's a great father and grandpa. - Martha Epley

Faith of Our Fathers: Zach Dutton

My Dad is a good example because he never says bad words. We had a hard time with money, but my Dad got a good job and works hard so we can have a house. Every Sunday my Daddy is off he goes to church. He's very sweet, he is a nurse and helps people stay alive. My Dad is a good man. - Sadie Dutton

Faith of Our Fathers: Robbie Dutton

Robbie is my father-in-law. One of the things I love most about him is his kindness. He believes in looking at the heart of a man and does not judge by appearances. I have heard my husband say that there is never a reason to be unfriendly and he has gotten that from his father's leadership. - Jennifer Dutton

Faith of Our Fathers: Wilbert Lee Singleton

The faith my Father has is boundless. He is eternal and all knowing. He gave me an earthly father so I could live here among believers and non-believers, sinners and repentants alike. I am a sinner that is repentant and with the grace my Father has given me I am free. He gave me free will to show His faith I would come back to Him. I share my Father with millions because His love is that big. I, in no uncertain terms, deserve my Father or the faith He has in me. He has faith I will bow down daily (even though sometimes I forget and sometime I rebel). He had faith I could be saved through His divine love. He has faith in my works and and in yours. He has so much faith in me He has forgiven me every day of my death and given me LIFE eternal. I want to thank and wish a happy father's day to Wilbert Lee Singleton, for my upbringing and firm foundation in my Father. - Tamara Nugent

Faith of Our Fathers: Kevin Blosser

My parents are foster parents and my dad believed so much that God asked them to start a group home that he gave up his retirement money in order to buy a house that would hold enough kids to be considered a group home. He's always working to provide for the needs of our family that he rarely has time for himself. - Sarah Blosser

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Encouragement FM's "Faith of Our Fathers" Contest

Encouragement FM wants to help you bless your dad on Father’s Day!

Complete the form here to tell us about your dad. We want to know about your dad’s faith, how he's shown Christ's love in your family, and how he has been an example to you.

Yes, it will be difficult, but please keep your comments to 50 words or less. Your dad will be entered in a random drawing for a prize package including gifts from Mugshot Coffee in Longview.

The winner will be announced on the air Friday morning.

Be sure to include your dad's name in the space provided. For complete contest rules, click here.

Deadline to enter is Thursday, June 18th at noon. (All entries received by noon will be considered, whether posted to the blog, yet, or not.)

Happy Father's Day from Encouragement FM!